Thursday, September 30, 2010


For those of you who know me you know that I am a hard core garage sale, thrift store kind of girl.  I enjoy finding great deals on things that have great possibilities. I once bought my kids winter wordrobes at a thrift store when ALL, yes, ALL kids clothes were .99cents.  That included jackets, coats, jean and sweaters.  I stocked up on some practically brand new name brand clothes for .99!  That did mean some patience and willingness to look through every single item of clothing, but in the end I did really well.  

I have found some of my most favorite craft items at thrift stores and garage sales.  I have a cool side drawer thing that I bought for $5 that I use for my stamps.  (I will post it one day) I have a china cabinet that I used to store my crafts that I got for $25.  And the deals just go on and on! (gotta let you see that, too)

Last Friday I stumbled upon a garage sale where I found tons of FIMO polymer clay for .25cents each.  MY pic just doesn't do it all justice because I have every color in the rainbow as well as some khakis and browns. And if you are familiar with using polymer clay you know that most projects don't require much clay. I also scored a rolling pin type tool to flatten the clay and an embossing tool. I also was able to finally buy a toaster oven to bake my clay.  I have been practicing with my clay but have many unbaked pieces because I'm paranoid about baking clay in my family oven. Something about mixing food and a strange material in the oven I use to cook food for the fam.  It wasn't the cleanest oven but for $10 bucks...I didn't mind one bit!

 And once the garage sale owner learned that I love all kinds of crafts she said "let me show you something."  I really wasn't sure what she would pull out but I was so excited when I saw these...
Yep. She pulled out a box of acrylic paint, some thinner, and some really great quality paint brushes.  Plus, she had some foam brushes that I will use for applying mod-podge, and some heavy duty zip dots.

Grand garage sale total for all these goodies????  $25!!  I might have done much better if I was a haggler, but that is probably my least favorite thing to do or to have done TO me.  If I don't like the price, I usually just walk away or I pay what they are asking if I think the price is fair.  So, considering what my total would have been at my fav craft was a SCORE!!!!!!!!!

I will post what I make and bake soon!  Have a great Thursday peeps...