Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teachers Rock!

Now that school started I thought I would post some things that I have done for teachers over the years.  It really doesn't take much to make something pretty, simple and inexpensive for a teacher, a janitor, school secretary or other school staff.   I made all of these with things I already had. 

My son really loved his kindergarten teacher, so for his 1st day of school in the first grade I made a bag to put his old teachers gift in and let my son write a note to his former teacher.  She loved it and was happy to see him.
 I gave both teachers a flower pen.  This one was for his new teacher.  She got a flower pot to put her's in.

 This one was for his KG teacher. 
 And the other bag.

 I found this chalkboard in the clearance section at Target.  It was a SUPER markdown...don't you love it when that happens?  I chipped off the shamrock that was in the middle and modpodged some cute "teacher" paper that I had from HL.
 This was a little gift set I made with a pad from the $1 store.  I had a craft box and pen and covered it with paper and filled the box with printer paper that I cut into squares to fit the box.  I added a flower pen and two card set I made and filled a bag with it. 
This was a teacher appreciation gift for a school in my neighborhood.  Although none of my kids attended there I thought I would appreciate them anyway.  I made a few batches of cookies and they were left in the front office for the teachers to come and grab throughout the day.  It was tedious to tie each bag with a tag and ribbon but well worth it.  The tag had a punched star and said "just for you."
So, some time this year have your child write a note, make a little treat, or write a note yourself to a teacher you appreciate.  And because I have 4 tikes and have worked with teachers up close, I know that not every year (or teacher) is all roses and cupcakes ...but a little appreciation may just go a long way.  

Have a great Thursday!