Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm Inspired!

So, I have been a computer person for a long time.  But in the past I never really connected crafting with the computer.  It all started with a search for card making and I hit the jackpot!  I found dozens of card blogs and they each had a link to other blogs. It was amazing. So, over the years, I basically search the net for the crafts that I have done or want to try.  And this leads me to where I am today...well, the end of last week to be exact.

There were tons of pieces of 2x4 left in the basement of our house and I had dreamed up crafts for weeks that I could do with them but wasn't sure what I would make.  I decided to search mod podge and found a really cool site named Mod Podge Rocks!  They posted some FANTASTIC ideas that got my creative juices flowing!  And, as usual, while there I found lots of other links that linked to other blogs and sites.  Somehow, I ended up on How Does She? and among other things I found a craft for 2x4's!   So, needles to say the girls over there had me at 2x4...I was inspired! 

I got started right away.  She had links to a ton of places on her site and one that even perfected my mod-podging!  I was as gitty as a school girl I tell ya.  It was awesome to see that something I dreamed up had actually been done by someone else. How Does She? has so many other craft ideas and projects, and advice I can use in my busy life that I think I will likely stop by there every day if I can.  Just to get my creative jolt!

So, after seeing the cool 2x4's they did, I tried my own. I don't have the cool tools they have (but a girl can dream cant she?)  so, until then, I have my great neighbors and friends! They helped me out a lot. (even let me borrow their tools..nice!) Love you guys.  And this is what I came up with.
I started out with my regular supplies but found some really helpful techniques.  So, if you desire to be mod-podge perfect check the link out.   I started by tracing the blocks onto a cute piece of paper.  Then I cut the pieces out.  Next I mod podged the pieces onto the block.  And after all the sides were on I sanded down the sides.  I don't guess you have to sand it but it helps with any pieces that are too long (you can pull it off with scissors) and gives it a cute country, worn look to it. 
I finished by brushing a thin layer of Hard Coat Mod Podge on top of the paper and let it dry. Its easier if you hold the block on the two unfinished sides and rotate it to paint the other 4 sides.  After you let it dry for 1-2 minutes you can mod podge the remaining sides.  Then voila!

I came up with a calendar.  And of course you turn the blocks to display the proper date.  I haven't added the months yet because I'm really not sure how I want to do it.  I thought, at first, that each of the 3 lower blocks could have 4 months on each.  But then that meant that 2 other months would be showing at the same time...(too confusing)  So, I think I will either make removable months and attach them with magnets or I will get those little round hook things that screw in and hang the months on the front...does that make any sense?  If you have suggestions on how to hang the months, let me know.   Until, then, my block calendar will be month-less.
Here is a side view.  I decided I liked having paper on all the sides so that if its displayed in a variety of ways (ie a desk, teachers desk, etc) the calendar looks good from any view.  If you have any cool 2x4 crafts let me know.  I would love to see your ideas! Enjoy.